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What is SDK printer?


What is SDK printer?

SDK is Software development kit and also can call API.  Thermal Printer SDK is a collection of program interfaces, documentation, and development tools. SDK is neither a development tool nor a program. A complete thermal Printer SDK should include the following:

(1) Interface files and library files

(2) Help documentation

(3) Development example

(4) Utilities.

Interface files and library files are APIs, which encapsulate and protect the underlying code and provide users with an interface to call the underlying code;

Help documents explain the functions of interface files and library files, and introduce related development tools, operation examples, etc.;

The development example is a demo display made, and the source code is also included;

Such as HSPOS Thermal Printer SDK:

HSPOS Thermal Printer is use ESC/POS command standard, If you don’t use the SDK, you can to check the esc/pos command one by one and send it to printer. That will be waste a lot of times and also many developers do not understand the ESC/POS instruction set. If there is no SDK, it will be very troublesome.

With the SDK, you don't need to understand how each instruction does it. Whatever function you need, just call the corresponding interface, which makes development easier.

sdk Printer

HSPOS Printer SDK also with Help documents.

SDK For Thermal Printer

And also offer the test Utilities.

APK test flies

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